So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • it was 0 degrees outside yesterday morning and 33 degrees outside this morning… makes total sense
  • I’ve seen Big Hero 6 probably 7 times in 2 weeks…. is it spring yet
  • My goal is to never have a energy bill as high as January again
  • After not seeing our grass since maybe early December?  I feel like, what is the point of landscaping or doing anything nice to your yard when it’s barred by 4 feet of snow for 1/3 of the year…
  • I am really looking forward to Survivor tonight… I hope it doesn’t disappoint
  • I was annoyed that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills played the 15 minutes of the previous episode at the beginning of last nights episode… I felt jipped of 15 minutes of an episode!


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