Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t even explain how funny you were last night making wii people.

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Dear Mom, You’re so good to me.  On my desk this morning.  Thanks for putting my gifts in lock & lock containers.  My lottery tickets though, I never win.


Dear KK, could you be a better friend?  Not a chance.  Thank you.

Dear temperatures outside, WTFFFFFFFFFFF.  OMGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Dear Kris Jenner, Change yo name girl.  Change it!  It’s GOT TO GO.

Dear Florida temperatures, HAHAHAH it’s 48 there right now!!  and your highs only 61.  wait… it’s -4 here.  AHHHHHHH get me out of here.

Dear C, oh yeah it’s your 30th birthday today… happy birthday.  You getting old makes me feel old… but I’m glad I am always going to be 15 months younger than you!

Dear TEEEVEEE,  Miss you lots.  Come over soon.  Always.

Dear myself,  you’ve done a good job saying *this* to yourself and closing your eyes while things get messy…. keep it up… you’re in control of your own peace.


Dear Scandal, I am so behind… idk if I can handle 3 episodes … did you jump the shark… I think you did.

Dear February, for some reason I like you a lot more than January.

Dear DVR, I KNOW… I know… I need to catch up and clear you out… taking a week off is rough… (wait what?).

Dear Smellen, my goodness gracious I want to do something relaxing with you asap.

Dear 50 Shades of Gray or is it Grey.. i dont even care, I AM SOOOO sick and tired of you.  I read you like 2 years ago, and I didn’t even finish because I was so not into it… I think there are way better erotic novels we could all read over this one… but for some reason it’s all about this one… and I am so over it like so long ago I was.


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