Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I am linking up with Jennifer for Thursday Thoughts…


As you may know, I went to Florida (Disney World) last week… there certainly should be a post on this… I just haven’t done it yet… so here’s 1 highlight of the trip… NF meeting Buzz Lightyear…. he was SO excited… even got his autograph.


I tried The Flat White… it was so boring, but good.


We started our mouse trapping adventure yesterday… after a couple weeks of knowing they were among us I finally took the imitative to buy some traps.  The mouse ate the peanut butter… but did not get “trapped”… is this really common?  I should google it.  UGH I want them gone.

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I am getting dumber watching The Bachelor… but I just have to keep up with the talk about it.


I didn’t watch the grammy’s… I still havent watched fashion police from last week… but I did hear about Iggy’s hair (& the papa john’s thing)… and it does look like challah bread.