Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and here are some Thursday Thoughts…


One thing stuck out to me in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week… Brandi discussing her child support checks… “Eddie’s giving me oh yeah… a thousand dollars, awesome, it’s going to get us far…groceries… for a week.”   WHO THE F spends $1,000 on groceries for a week?  Ya know, if you wanna appeal to REAL housewives, don’t say ish like that Brandi Glanville…. oh but I am still team Brandi in the Brandi vs Kenya on Celebrity Apprentice.

download (1)

I really want some good sushi or some amazing Italian food very soon.


I want everyone to leave Bruce Jenner alone.

VH1 "Couples Therapy" With Dr. Jenn Reunion

I can’t wait until they announce the next cast of Couple’s Therapy and I hope they really have some good couples.  If there aren’t any good couples, I won’t watch.


Mad Men announced when they’ll be starting part 2 of the final season… in APRILLL… so far away.

So I saw the list of Oscar nominations… and I made a list of movies I gotta/wanna see asap.. but probably will never have the time to watch more than maybe 1…

American Sniper
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The intimation game
The theory of everything
Gone girl
Two days, one night
The judge
Into the Woods
Big Eyes
Still Alice


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. When does Celebrity Apprentic comes on? I’d love to see other House Wives…Reality Shows besides Atlanta. lol I love my reality shows despite I’ll never do one.

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