Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and these are my Thursday Thoughts…


Let’s start off talking about Brandi Glanville.  First, she throws wine at Eileen on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… and Bravo promo’d it like it was going to be some thing and it just wasn’t…. it was just weird.  THEN she goes on Watch What Happens Live and throws wine at Jeff Lewis (SO awkward) and then turns around and cries….. but then I did a little reading online and I do believe it was planned now, and it was all a hoax.  and that Brandi wasn’t crying when she turned around, she was laughing.  What do you think?


I AM SO happy The Celebrity Apprentice is on.  I am loving the season so far.  Spoiler alert… Geraldo Rivera… oh man… who knew?!  He is so difficult!  I really thought Kevin Jonas could have made it far (I hope he comes back for like an all star season to get a 2nd chance)…. and what the heck is up with Geraldo’s pink glasses?!  And Vivica Fox totally broke the girl code by callin out Shawn Johnson… karma’s gonna getcha Vivica, your next periodic elements visit is going to be nasty for that one girl.


UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  This morning it said 2 degrees and I heard on the radio it was -19 windchill.  THE WORSTTTTT.


I happened to watch the last few minutes of PLL the latest episode…. how do they STILL not know who A is?!!!  I just can’t.  Spoiler alert… And Toby is a police officer?  Alison is alive and in jail?  This show, seriously… I will watch it if they promise to tell us who A is… so the final season.

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Last night I swore I could hear something coming from the wall… for two hours I was like what is that sound?  The heater?  What is it?  SO I asked C… do you hear that?  What’s that sound!?  so he listens, said it’s coming from the floor?  The heater?  Nope… it was NF’s thomas the train driving into the wall under the tv stand/table.


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