Thursday Thoughts



Okay… is it bad to eat like 100 cough drops in one day?  I’ll google it.  mmmm I guess there is no real problem with it.


I don’t know about you… but I am pretty excited about The Celebrity Apprentice.  I am so ready to see the Brandi and Kenya hate each other.  I am ready for Donald to fire everyone… I love the cast I know who every single person is this season… wait that isn’t true I didn’t know who Jamie Anderson (snow boarder) or Lorenzo Lamas (actor from grease) were.


Is this not the funniest picture you’ve ever seen?  I can’t believe Ariana Grande was actually hit by an angel wing and her reaction was totally caught on camera.  I love her.


Golden Globe news… uhhh where is the Modern Family nominations?  I kind of expected Mad Men to drop off but not Modern Family?!  And yes, smellen, I will start watching Jane the Virgin… but only because it’s up for a nomination not just because you told me to.


STILL hoping Natalie wins Survivor!!  LOVE the sri lankan twins!!


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