Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Friday?, it’s Friday?  I am so confused what day it is.

Dear fitbit steps, I NEVER do this bad… it’s already 4:30 PM and I don’t even have 3,000 steps?  HOW!?

Dear NF, you are one party animal.  Seriously.  Idk how we’ll get back on track for Monday.

Dear Thursday night Black Friday Shopping, I tried you out this year… it wasn’t that bad.

Dear food, My body doesn’t have enough room for more of you but I WANT you.

Dear forced air heat, you’re drying me out.

Dear car, I love you… but I am sure not used to driving you in the snow!

Dear snow, where’d the heck you come from and are you hear to stay?? ughh.  I just don’t even know.

Dear Wes from Survivor, 58 chicken nuggets in 5 minutes well golly!


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