So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday, so I am saying so what if…

  • This 23 degrees feels like 9…. I’m really not handling it well.


  • I watched real housewives of Beverly Hills last night (well the first hour of the hour and a half of it) and I did not enjoy it… i felt like I was really wasting my time.  I didn’t watch last season so I have no idea what Lisa did to make everyone mad but still miss her… it felt like it was about 30 minutes of awkward greetings at the white party… and sorry Lisa Rinna your husbands MAD MEN WRAP PARTY seems way more important that the white party… and I am a Kyle Richards fan I swear.  But the promos with the slaps and the wine throwing look pretty intense… you still got me hooked Andy and I don’t even know how.
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  • NF says “cheeeese and crackerrrsss” when he drops something and I had to explain to his very religious lady who watches him why/what/where he got that from (phineas and ferb)
  • Thanksgiving is next week and I am just not ready and I hope there are NO weather issues for traveling
  • I put everyone I know on the news for their birthday (the news does birthday shout outs) and I FORGOT my own child!!!!  i got a lot of crap for that.
  • I don’t want to be pregnant again because then I can’t play floor hockey and soccer at the gym or softball in the summer… it really messes up the social activities that make me happy.


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