The Bachelorette Season 10

I have heard that at least a few individuals were disappointed I have not made a Bachelorette blog post. So here we go…

This is the 10th season of the Bachelorette and it seems like we’re in for a ride… and I sincerely hope it’s an entertaining ride because I find it so tedious to watch the first epsiodes of the Bachelor and Bachelorette… most of these characters will not spend much time on the show and I will not have needed to remember their name.  It usually takes me until about the 5th episode before I know MOST of their names…

SO some things you need to know about the Bachelorette before jumping right in… She was a contestant (is that insensitive to call them contestants?)  on the pervious Bachelor season.  She was totally into Juan Pablo and thennnnn she wasn’t… she hated him… I called it out right away… she is gunnin to be the bachelorette and she got the position!

SO let’s meet the guys and find out what I think… are you ready!?

There are 25 of them!?  Holy Moly.


First we have Chris… he’s 32 from Arlington, Iowa and is a farmer.


JJ… 30… his bow tie is memorable… but odd… he’s a pantsapreneur (what?)  So he makes pants?


Marquel… 26… sponsorship salesman


Tasos…30… A wedding coordinator?


Cody… 28… the limo breaks down as they arrive??? Was that even true?  Confused.  He’s a personal trainer.  He makes me nervous.


Steven… he is 30 but I think he looks 15?


Rudie… also an attorney.  I don’t trust him.


Carl… immediately I thought fire fighter from ny no?  he’s from fort Lauderdale… then why is he talkin funny?  I like his height.


Jason… 35… doctor… creepy long hair… awkward doctor jokes… stop make it stopppp.


Nick V.… he looks kind of like the attorney Rudie… I will get these guys confused.


Dylan… he was pretty nervous!!


Patrick… I didn’t think the soccer ball thing was that great… I kinda thought he was creepy?  A little maybe not.


Emil… he was TOTALLY scary… and then he tells her his name is anal with an m… omggggg.


Brett… the guy from all the promos with the lamp…


Craig… also makes me a little scared.


Ron… he seemed pretty smooth.


Bradley… an opera singer… oooo I hope he sings this season!!!  Then he knocks into something as he walks out ahhh.


Josh B… ooo he’s cute!


Nick S.… professional golfer… he might be a fun guy?


Brian… he seems shy… aww he was worried about his tie!


Andrew… he’s cute!


Mike… I don’t get the long hair look…I do like his greeting.  People call him camps?  I wonder what that’s about…


Eric… he seems very sweet!  he passed away after leaving the show and this season is dedicated to him… He seems like a really great guy.  And I do like his smile!


Josh… I feel like they are savin the good ones for last…he is gooood lookin and a baseball player whoo.

WHOA I got through them all.  25 is a lot of guys!!

She gives the first impression rose to Nick V… okay… I’m alright with that.  Was it the polka dot tie?  I am not into polka dot ties…

SOO… 6 men were sent home… Josh B., Dr. Jason, Rudie, Mike, Steven, and Emil.  Josh B was a total jerk about it.  I totally agreed with her choice for Jason… and Rudie the attorney was also a good choice I guess.   I thought Mike was maybe a mistake.. but maybe she’s not into the hair because steven had long hair also (the three long hair’d guys were out first)… then there was Anal I mean Emil.

Oh and what was with that guy coming back angry he wasn’t picked to be on the show?  I read on TMZ that was all scripted… it was just unnecessary.

Wow that took a long time to do.