Hey Day Day

Happy Birthday to meeee (yesterday)…
We celebrated my birthday starting Thursday… NF and I went over to my parents house and they ordered Bangkok (thai food). My mom got an amazing cake from Wegmans (what the name of it was I can’t remember)…
My sister got me some things from Lush – and I have to post my face mask photo… cupcake face mask.
I got a bunch of other things including a butter dish from anthropologie which I love and so needed/wanted one.  And I got $100 in Starbucks cards!!!  WHhhattt!!! That is so much Starbucks!  I also got sunglasses, underwear, flowers, cards, dark chocolate, lock and locks and more.
On Friday I went to small plates with most of my book club and had a GREAT TIME!
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My birthday was great!!  Thank you to everyone!!