I’m linking up with Jenn from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up I just really love it!
Currently Burning… Macintosh Spice Yankee Candle.  I like these currently posts because they MAKE me burn a candle.  Otherwise I hardly ever.  In this photo you can see part of a baby monitor.  Last night I had it on the wrong channel?  I think NF switched it in his room… and we slept past 8:30 AM!  Whattt… I THOUGHT it was too quiet all night!!  Oh, and question for ya’ll mamas (I don’t really talk like that)… when do you stop using a baby monitor?  I feel like I’m spying sometimes!!
Currently Watching… The Amazing Race All Stars… C just burst into the bedroom on me (which is very annoying and startling) and asked what I was watching and I told him The Amazing Race… he said it’s not even amazing… go away C go AWAY.  I promised him I’d bother him during Game Of Thrones tonight for that.  Oh and I am pretty happy that Rachel is still on…. but I am still sad Natalie & Nadiya were off the first episode.
Currently Excited About… Well Friday is my birthday… and I requested take out from Bangkok… the BEST Thai Restaurant everrrrrrrr.
Currently Anxious About… WELLLLLLLLL…. I bought a house.  YES I DID IT!  And I am pretty anxious about it.  We won’t close until June… pretttty much freaking out.  ALSO we have 4… yes 4 weddings from now until then…

Currently Obsessed With… Dark Chocolate Kit Kats… C’s Aunt went to Hersey Park and took requests… of course I said Dark Chocolate Kit Kats… and boy did she deliver… she brought me back 6 at Easter and I just finished my last one last night during SNL… and ommmmmmmmgggggggggg I love them.
Currently Curious About… you know those splat balls that kiosks (spelling) in the mall sell.  How do they work?  I could google this but I am too lazy?  Or do I like the mystery?  oh and I also wonder HOW DIRTY those gross things are splatting on the mall floor all day long GROSS.
Currently Loving… NF duh!  I love that he eats the m&ms off cookies at Panera.
Currently Buying… Panera’s Roasted Turkey Avocado BLT.  SO GOOD!  I love avocado.