Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday and I am linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom
First of all I have to admit… I was disappointed  that The Middle, Suburgatory, and Modern Family were not new last night.  I hate when I am pumped for new tv and it’s repeats.  Season finales are approaching and that makes me sad.  BUT new Grey’s and Scandal tonight so that makes me smile.
Ummm is this real life?  73 on Monday???  That is just too weird.  I am still used to needing 5-10 extra minutes brushing my car off in the morning praying I am not plowed in.


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I don’t know what all this Katherine Heigl sues a drug store nonsense is all about… I just really like her style in this photo!!
Will they find this plane already?  STILL every morning I turn on GMA to hear the latest and still no.
So far I’ve got these for NF’s easter basket… I really need to get on that!