Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Candy Crush, Level 273… I just can’t quit you.

Dear NF, your obsession with Despicable Me… starting to get to me…. “dare-a-me!” (how you say Despicable Me… which kind of sounds like Jeremy with a D)… you will shout this until I put the DVD (you call it a DDD)… and I just don’t know how much Despicable Me I can take?

 Dear Smellen, NF has been asking about you.  Our 4 day trip to Vermont last weekend has got him used to you being around all the time.  Sooo he should probbbably see you this weekend.  I know you read this!!!  So get at me sista!

Dear Kris and Bruce Jenner, I am always and always will be rooting for you!!  So these rumors that you’re back together or never even were apart, make me happy.

Dear Snooki, congrats on having another baby!!  Can I just say that I hope it’s a girl… and I hope that Jwoww’s baby girl and your baby girl are bffs in matching animal print outfits!  Please!!

Dear Parenthood (the show on NBC), you are a really really good show and I love how you are portraying real life situations that I can either relate to or open my mind to.  I laugh and I cry every episode.

Dear DWTS, Why are you changing the partners?  Am I going to like this?  Or is it going to stress me out?

Dear April, so far you’ve been good… let’s just not rain a ton please.

Dear Easter Bunny, see you Sunday!!!

Flash Back Friday

Oh my goodness… is this the first day of 4th grade?  1995?  I still have bangs so it must be.  I remember this dress.  I thought it was so amazing – Clueless came out in 1995 and I THINK I thought my outfit was sort of cool like that movie… which I am pretty sure I was too young to have seen but I must have seen it.  I remember saying, “as if!” a lot.  And those sneakers… so white!