What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
Today’s Wednesday and though, this is no longer a link up, I am still doing it…  I should make my own banner button thing huh?
I am loving…
NF: I am always loving this little guy.  This morning while carrying him down the stairs of our apartment (yes I still do that, it’s much faster than letting him climb them himself) he yelled, “MOM MOM MOM MOM” I said, “what?” and he whispered to me, “mom, it’s fine.”  Oh is it Nicholas!?  Oh and he is officially OBSESSED with Despicable Me (1 & 2) and Finding Nemo.. obsessed.
Makeup remover cleansing towelettes: I am in the habit of using one of these every night.  I cut them in half so they last twice as long.  I wear black eyeliner every day… and I never used to remove it.  Last night was the first time in a while I didn’t and I woke up and I felt like my eyes were angry at me!  I feel so much better removing it and I think my eyes are feeling better from it too!
Debbie Weaver (Jami Gertz) on The Neighbors: I just love her!  I really do!

So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • This is what our sidewalk looks like to get to our parking lot
  • Josh Elliott is leaving ABC… I was shocked for 20 seconds then was over it
  • University of Connecticut wins I win 1st place for my bracket… doesn’t matter if they play Kentucky or Wisconsin… GO UCONN!  So what if it’s not Syracuse… I might win some $
  • I like having Glee on in the background while writing posts… because I don’t pay attention and enjoy the music
  • I’m super annoyed with Billy Dee Williams for withdrawing from Dancing With The Stars… I hate when this happens… you just KNOW certain people will have a doctor’s excuse (quit) early… let someone else be on the show!!
  • I STILL don’t know who Billy Dee Williams is after googling him probably 4 times now
  • Kimmy Gibbler was on Dancing With Stars and I screamed… oh and Aunt Beckydjkimmybecky
  • I went to Vermont with my 2 year old for 4 days and now he’s clinging to me and the separation anxiety is through the roof… he’ll be better by Friday… then it’ll be the weekend and we’ll start all over Monday
  • C went to his grandparent’s house to do all our laundry that had cat hair on it from Vermont… he came home early and left the laundry there… why do I have laundry separation anxiety?