What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
It’s Wednesday and THIS is what I’m loving today!
NF: Not the best photo I know… my phone is from 2009 ok!  But this is NF in the bath… and he’s no longer afraid of the faucet… he actually loves it!
DWTS: SO excited for Dancing the the stars!
Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque w/ Pascalite Clay: I’m loving this face mask!  It really feels like it’s working hard to detoxify my face!
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah: This is our book club’s book of the month… and I can pretty confidently say that we all are loving it!  Very good book.  I recommend it!
Goldfish baked original: Our whole little family likes gold fish… but my favorite goldfish are the baked original… 2nd fav the baby ones.  I like to buy the original, baby, and pretzel and mix them up!  Fun snack!

So What Wednesday



It’s Wednesday and I’m saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’ve had a headache more days that I haven’t the past couple weeks… reasons?  Allergies?  Eye problems?  all a mystery… I NEED to get this taken care of… advice on meds to take for a sinus/eye headache/migraine?
  • I am really excited for this season of Dancing With The Stars.
  • I am really disappointed that either David or James was shot on Scandal… I almost don’t even want to know who.  Would they really kill off an Emmy winner?  I want to know what Shonda Rhimes is thinking!
  • I am SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOOOOO over winter like SO over it.
  • I gained 4 lbs in a week what in the WORLD whyyy?  It better go away as fast as it came!!
  • I look forward to wheel and jeopardy every  night and that might make me about 60 years old idk but idc.
  • yeah, so, I said idk and idc.