Dancing With The Stars 18 Elimination Predictions

THIS is my Dancing With the Stars 18 Elimination Predictions!!
#12 – Billy Dee Williams.  He’s paired up with Emma Slater, who last season was paired up with Bill Engval and he made it really far… so maybe I’m wrong here.  BUT, the pros are getting mixed up this year so who knows.
#11 – Sean Avery.  I just don’t think he’ll make it far.  But he is paired with Karina Smirnoff… sooo… idk.
#10 – Charlie White.  I just have a feeling he won’t make it far?  I could probably be very wrong.
#9 – Diana Nyad.  She obviously has athletic talent… but can she dance?  And how big is her fan base?
#8 –  NeNe Leakes.  I think she’ll leave the show on her own over some injury or family emergency.
#7 – Drew Carey.  He’s got a pretty big fan base, I think… I think he’ll get him to about half way.
#6 – Amy Purdy.  Amy purdy is a woman who lost her legs at 19 bc of meningitis and was in the Paralympics.  She’s a snowboarder without legs.  SO I imagine her story will make everyone cry.  And I am interested in seeing her dance with prosthetic legs.  I feel like prosthetic legs are like the IT thing right now.  (it’s like a main topic on grey’s anatomy now that Arizona, (one of the doctors) lost her legs in a plane crash).  Another ABC show.
#5 – James Maslow.
#4 – Cody Simpson.  I have no idea who he is but he’s young and cute and probably backed by ABC.
Final 3….
#3 – Candace Cameron Bure.
#2 – Danica McKellar.
The Winner…
#1 – Meryl Davis.  Meryl Davis is an ice skater (her skating partner is also in the DWTS competition, Charlie White).  I just feel like Olympic ice skaters (at peak athleticism, the Olympics were last month)  She’ll do really well.