March 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box Review

I am back on the PopSugar kick!  I signed up for 3 months because I just NEEDED a box fix!  PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly box that has a wide variety of items that are all so fun to receive!


Brokedown IKAT Scarf: ($72) I love this scarf.  It’s my favorite item in the box!  I can’t believe it’s $72 though.


Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum: ($30) I think I might give this to my mom for her birthday next week.  I think she’d like it… and I feel like I have a lot of this kind of thing from birchbox.  I do love getting this in the box.


Mini Stability Excercise Ball: ($9.95) I was more excited about receiving this before I actually saw it.  It’s kinda flimsy… and I’m worried NF would pull the plug out and put it in his mouth, so I won’t be letting him play with it.  I wonder if I will use it for what it’s supposed to be used for… maybe I will…


BaubleBar Elephant Ring Tree Holder: ($12) This is my second favorite item in the box.  I can’t wait to put some rings on it.


Snappea Crisps: ($3) I am really interested in trying these… I wonder if I’ll like them!?  UPDATE: I LOVED THEM!!! but I thought they’d actually be pea pods.. but they aren’t they just LOOK like them… I think right?  Anyway I loved them sooo good!


Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Necklace: ($28) this is a fun item.  You’re supposed to make a wish and when the necklace wears away and falls off your wish comes true.  I just can’t see myself wearing it while I sleep?


Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar: ($1) I put this in my bag to eat as a snack at work tomorrow.  I think I’ll like it!  UPDATE: I loved this… it was so tasty and filling!