I’m linking up with Jenn from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom… even though this isn’t a link up I just really love it!
Currently Burning… Sweet Cinnaroll from Gold Canyon.  I tried to find this on the Gold Canyon site and I don’t believe they make it anymore.  Why is this the case with like ALL of my candles… they’re discontinued.  It makes me sad to burn them… like they are a collectors item or something.  OR it’s a sign I don’t burn them often enough.  I think I “finished” like two candles in my life.  Anyway, this scent is amazing.  I got this candle at a Gold Canyon party in like 2010.  I felt pressured to buy SOMETHING and this was that something.  I think I want to buy a new candle soon!
Currently Watching… The Amazing Race All Stars Season 24.  So I turned the TV on as I was putting laundry away… normally I have the TV on ABC but it was on CBS because C was watching college basketball earlier.  I wasn’t really paying attention but I thought, Oh, The Amazing Race… on a Saturday?  Weird.  Then I noticed the Sri Lank twins, Natalie & Nadiya, and thought COOL they’re replaying that old season.  THEN I realized that NO this is an ALL Star Season.  I googled it… and (spoiler alert) BOOM I find out they are the first to go home.  Well since Natalie and Nadiya were my favorite duo ever on Amazing Race I was very excited but that was immediately over and ruined after reading the news.  Love these girls!
Currently Excited About… THIS is a photo of a cow from my family’s farm in Vermont BORN with the shape of Vermont on her forehead.  It was on the news… view it here.  NF and I will be heading to Vermont this month and I am pretty excited to see Monty in person!
Currently Curious About… What time it’ll be when I wake up… tonight is the spring ahead and I’m all confused.  I always am about these time changes.  At least they do it on a weekend?
m&ms almond
Currently Obsessed With… Almond M&Ms.  OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG… so good.  I thought my fav were peanut m&ms… NOOO THESE are my fav.  Love!
Currently Anxious About… new windows.  Our apartment has needed new windows for probably… EVER, wayyy before we moved in Sept 2011.  Ugh they are the worst.  They are currently replacing ALL the windows in every building… and I am anxiously waiting for it to be our turn (they started in like November… it seems like they do one apartment a week).  How much notice will they give us?  Will there be no more mold problems?  And why am I so anxious about this when we’ll hopefully be moving at some point?  (maybe I’m in denial about that).
Currently Plotting… a pretend wedding.  Oh no I’m not engaged or anything.  But with all these weddings C and I have coming up I can’t help but pretend plan a wedding.