Though it wasn’t technically a link up I am still linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom with a currently post.

Currently Burning… 

Yankee Candle Autumn Celebration.  It was a gift from Christmas, with the $12.99 Christmas tree shop price tag still on it.  But hey!  I like a good deal, and $12.99 for a giant Yankee Candle is pretty good!  This scent doesn’t really fit March 1st but I like it.


Currently Watching… 

The Social Network on ABC.  I’ve never seen this movie!  And I’m only like 10% paying attention to it now.


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Currently On My “To Do” List…

Grocery shop… isn’t it always?  We don’t have any bread or eggs and almost out of milk… yeah I better go.

Currently Excited About…

Sesame Street Live!!!  OMG CAN’T WAIT!  So excited to see NF’s little face light up when a giant Elmo appears on stage.


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Currently Annoyed About…

Can I say gas prices?  Am I allowed to be annoyed about that?  Or is that like being annoyed about the weather… it’s just the way it is and there’s nothing we can do to change it.  Yeah I hate when gas goes up and then up some more and pretty soon has creeped up to like way too high.

Currently Obsessed with… 

Pretzel Shake and Bake… I’ve made it twice now and we love it!!  Here’s the honey dijon recipe.


Currently Anxious About…

I wasn’t anxious about this until I READ IT on Jen’s blog… spring forward is March 9th!??!  Should I be excited about this or anxious?  Time changes make me so anxious!!  Will it mess up all our sleep?

Currently Buying…

The Spornette Zhu Bamboo Large Rectangular Paddle Brush… with my birchbox points.  My wooden paddle brush I’ve had and used daily with my hair drier 10 minutes on high for 5 years is finally starting to tear and die.  So I decided to get a really nice new one to replace it.  I hope this one lasts just as long!


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