So What Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and I am saying so WHAT if…

  • I googled “Bob Costas eyes” and found this picture and died.  Poor guy!  I love him and I’m glad he’s back on!

  • I loveeee college and teen Jeopardy because I can answer more of the questions. (or is it question more of the answers?)
  • I really do like the Olympics but I don’t like that there are no new shows on other than the Bachelor.  Scandal is on next week!!
  • I’ve never seen Despicable Me (or Despicable Me 2) and I feel like everyone else in the world has.
  • I used my pedicure gift card on Sunday when I was saving it for a wedding I’m in in May.
  • I hate when sentences have the same word twice (see above “in in” … should there be a comma between them?  I am to motivated enough to try google the answer… I’m sure it’ll make me more confused).
  • I get so worried about having a headache for big events that I think it causes me to have a headache for big events.

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