Friday Letters

Friday letters
Dear NF, You squeal like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park.  But when you’re not doing that you’re absolutely adorable!

Dear Tyler Ennis, OMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG best last 2 second of a basketball game EVERRR!!!  Go Syracuse!!!

Dear March, I can’t wait for the NCAA tournament!!!

Dear C, besides NOT getting me a heart shaped donut in the middle of the night from dunkin for me to wake up to… you did great this valentine’s day!  And thank you for the Syracuse basketball tickets… you made up for how much of a jerk you were giving my ticket away earlier in the season when you were mad at me.  I was probably never going to forgive you for that… but this probably made up for it… I think.  Maybe only if they win.

Dear Snow, I am SO OVER YOU!

Dear my apartment complex owner,you drive a Lexus, you own a mansion… hire someone other than 1 maintenance guy who does EVERYTHING including snow removal.

Dear Smellen, you and your boyfriend are building a wine rack together on valentine’s day…. can you be any cuter?  Ugh you make me sick… in a good way.  JELLY!

Dear TV, K I get it… the Olympics are on… soooo that doesn’t mean everythings gotta be repeats!?

Dear heart shaped cookie dough donut from dunkin, are you as deliciously weird and amazing as you sound?  I am DYING to eat you.  And it HAS to be shaped like a heart or I refuse to eat it.

Dear shamrock shake, I have never had you.  I heard you’re available?

Dear Starbucks at Target, I hope to see you tomorrow 😉

Dear Juan Pablo, I know that they say this about every bachelor but… I think it’s gross you kiss so many girls in the same day/week.  But I do like you.  You’re probably the best bachelor ever on the show.

Dear nostrils, please be clear enough to breath out of while I sleep tonight.. thanks.

Dear loud bang outside my window, were you a gun shot?  How do you know the difference between a gun shot and a fire cracker, firework, etc?  I always say it’s a gun shot and C says it never is.

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