Friday iPhone Dump

I don’t have an iPhone but these are some pictures I took with my old school digital camera from this week…
It’s difficult to get a normal photo of this guy, so silly!  He’s so happy to be wearing his dada’s hat and watch.
Gotta have a selfie!
In the morning while I get ready I let Nicky Flash brush his teeth while watching Good Morning America.  One morning he wouldn’t get up and I asked, “do you want to brush your teeth and watch GMA?” and he scrambled to his feet from a fake sound sleep… I was shocked this worked!  And it’s become our newest routine.
Last Saturday was our cousin Patrick’s surprise going away to the military party… and he surprised us and proposed to his girl friend!!  Nicky Flash saw the love and he wanted to get in the middle of it stat!  This photo was taken moments after the proposal!

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