So What Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I am reading Orange is the New Black and I relate my everything (I guess my job mostly) to prison quite often lately
  • I watched one of the Star Wars movies yesterday –  I could not tell you what happened or what one it was… all I know is I did not like it… still
  • I only watch the Bachelor so I can chat about it with the other woman at the gym
  • I think I’m over Pretty Little Liars… it not being available to watch even WITH hulu plus is aggravating and then I am not motivated enough to figure out another way to watch it… and I find myself too far behind and f it… I’m too old for that show anyway right?
  • I need to go grocery shopping bad and I just can’t do it week nights because it’s too cold and they don’t shovel our sidewalks and I don’t like grocery shopping with NF when it’s dark outside.  It’ll have to wait for Saturday morning.
  • I sang the wheels on the bus for 10 minutes when NF wouldn’t go to bed peacefully… he snuggled to me while I sang and then I put him in bed and it was the same scream/crying all over again.  Sorry but I gave you 10 minutes of singing… that will just have to do.
  • I can’t see out of my left contact at this moment and I haven’t done anything about it yet (ya know when it’s all cloudy for no apparent reason?)
  • My cousin slept over Saturday because of the weather and I had great plans to watch SNL with her and she fell asleep during the first skit… and so I just went to sleep too.  I guess the best part of the show was when Leo came out and we did get to see that.
  • I have cabin fever and it doesn’t matter who I lived with – I’d probably bicker with them (sorry C it’s not you it’s me)
  • NF chased me with a toy plastic toy hammer last night and I was literally scared of him
  • I bought a blank inside valentine’s day card because all the lovey ones say to my Husband and after 4 years and a 2 year old son we’re not married and it’s not fun or funny to cross out husband and write boyfriend anymore.
  • I think Barney is better than watching Poke Mon and that is saying a LOT because I really thought Barney was the worst… but no Poke Mon is.
  • I can tell you the PBS line up of children’s shows… can it be spring?
  • NF knows all the names of the Sesame Street characters but still doesn’t know how to say his name… seriously moms out there… how do I get my child to say his own name?  At the tumbling class all the toddlers except him said their names in the circle.  I was shocked.
  • Potty training is just not really happenin around here.
  • I went to the dentist for the first time in 3 years on Friday and I asked her if it was bad and she grunted.  SERIOUSLY… lie to me… I’m here right that’s the first step.  Oh and NO cavities thank goodness because I was only allowed preventative dental insurance NOT full… do not get me started on health insurance… I know you’ll stop reading and I know it’ll just put me in the worst mood.
  • Is anyone still reading my so whats?  I feel like I did a lot… maybe too many?  SO WHAT.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday




NF: my adorable little boy.  I’m loving him always.

candy crush

Candy Crush: STILL addicted.  Still.



Juan Pablo: is he like the best bachelor they’ve ever had?  At first when they said they picked him I was surprised… I don’t know why… he’s amazing.



Teen Mom 2: the new season of Teen Mom 2.  I cry every episode I just can’t help it!  I became pregnant with my child at 24 with someone I just started dating, and I am still with him today.  If we were 16 I know it would have been 100 times harder so I just feel so much for them and the babies who are all about to be 4 years old!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s arms: they are like not even real life.  I can’t stop staring at them.  They are just so incredibly thin.