So What Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • One load (washer plus drier) always cost me $2.50…. I go to do a load on Monday with my 5 quarters and there’s an extra slot… I need 6 quarters… what what WHHHHHHHHATTTTTTTTTT.  They raised each machine a quarter.  Quarters are gold to me… and they’re increasing the cost of my laundry by 20%.  I do understand that 25 cents is the minimum amount they can raise it by… but why raise it at all?  SO I’m saying SO WHAT if I freaked out over 50 cents.  I could go on and on about this subject.
  • Speaking of my apartment… I found out you can pay rent online… so I set it up… and then found out there is a $1 convenience fee.  F that you’re already making me pay 50 cents more for laundry.  A walk to the office is not worth $1 to me even in the winter.
  • if I seem super cheap because of the last two so whats
  • I am only 50% done with my book club book for the month and it’s more than 50% into the month of January!  I have got to get reading!
  • it was -11 degrees out last night… it’s so cold
  • if the ONLY amount of the Seahawks 49ers game I saw was when Richard Sherman did his rant at the end of the game… that’s the only thing I saw and I saw it happen live.
  • A lean cuisine that’s 270 is just NOT enough for lunch (wasn’t this in my last so what Wednesdays…. haven’t I learned that yet?)

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