Flash Back Friday




May 21st 2011… umm can you tell I’m about 4 months pregnant here?  Maybe not from that angle.  I am pretty sure no one there knew I was pregnant, just large in the mid section.  That is an authentic 80’s dress I borrowed from my neighbor Gigi.  She actually used to wear that in the 80’s and I can imagine totally rocked it.  Way better than I did that night.  Oh, why am I dressed like that?  I attended an odd 80’s night party… and some friends and I decided to go… you could get your picture taken prom style and buy the photo for like $12 and we figured hey… we need official proof we did this… why would we need that?  Idk because we figured it would be funny to see years from now… maybe we need a few more years?  Is it funny yet or just weird?