What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday…

NF: He’s saying, “MUM, it’s fine.”  Ohhh I love my little boy!


Awards Season: I love it!  I love the fashion.  I love the hype!  It’s so fun!


Rum Chata: I JUST discovered this and I plan to order some fancy drinks on my mini vaca that has this in it!  If I see Rum Chata in it.. I AM ORDERING IT!  MMM It’s soo good!  I need to buy some to keep at home!


My sister: Seriously!  She’s the best!  Do you think we look anything alike?


Baby fever: Either I NEED to have another one or someone close to me does ASAP because I feel baby fever coming on.  This is a photo of NF a few months old and it feels like forever ago but at the same time it feels like yesterday!  He’s growing up FAST!  I really didn’t realize it’d happen like that.  When he was a baby I just imagined my life with a baby forever… well they grow up over night… and I want a tiny baby to hold!

2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Ahhhh that baby pic is so adorable!! Even though I’m stressed and sleep deprived with my 7-mo-old, I find myself having baby fever sometimes (insane, I know). Little babies are just so cute!! And once they grow up they never get small and cute again…

    • I want my baby to stay a baby forever!!! But then I think about how nice it’ll be when he can get dressed himself and stuff like that. By the time he can do that, I’ll be taking care of another baby maybe too.

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