So What Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and I’m saying SO WHAT if…

  • NF needs a haircut (doesn’t he always)… but I’m just like let’s see what it’s like as it grows out… it’s winter right?  Longer hair for boys is in season, right?  Basically every morning it’s insane and stays insane the whole day… so it’s just insane all the time?
  • A lean cuisine for lunch does not fill me up after the gym (I go to the gym during my lunch hour)… but I’ll have it and come home from work pretty starved.


  •  I like to sing the Pretty Little Liars song in a creepy voice.


  • I complain too much… I need to stop.  Like I could complain about complaining too much.
  • I wish I could go to the Biggest Loser camp.  I don’t need to lose any weight (maybe 3 lbs).  But I think it’d be amazing to just dedicate that much time to working on my fitness with trainers and a group of people.
  • I think spas and pedicures should be covered 100% by health insurance (ya know with out the cost of health insurance going up).
  • My hair kinda looks like Amber Weaver’s on The Neighbors and has like my whole life… but parted on the side since college.  Or maybe I just wish it does.  Yeah it’s getting that long… actually it’s been 1 year since I had it cut!


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