Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

I’d like to start with what I am thankful for.  I know everyone’s like ugh I heard what everyone is thankful for the month of November on facebook and it was annoying.  Hopefully this won’t be annoying to read… if it is.. sorry.

I’m thankful for having such a happy child.  Seriously he’s pretty much always happy.  This is him this morning… he just put C’s hat and gloves on himself.  Don’t the gloves look gigantic?

I’m thankful for my sister, mom, and dad.  I’m thankful they all live close to me too.  And yes, I am saying this, I am thankful that my dad works at the same place I do, and goes to the same gym I do.  I can complain sometimes, ugh I see my dad way too much, but really, it’s actually a good thing.  My sister well no one gets me like my sister does.  My mom, she’s extremely dependable and logical – I may have wanted a mother that knew how to do hair and make up and dress me cool growing up… but the other things she did know how to do, like set me up for success, I get it now. And now that I am a mom I really appreciate her so much more like when I change diapers, got spit up on, stayed up all night I thought, wow, my mom did this for me, I should really really thank her.

Some other thoughts… I THOUGHT Scandal was going to be on tonight… and it’s NOT.  whyyyyyyyyyyyy.  It doesn’t come back on until February 27th!!


NF, my sister, her boyfriend, and myself will be going to Lights on the Lake the VERY last day… Sunday.  I bought the ticket at work for a reduced price way before Christmas and we  never went.  I wanted to go as a family but looks like that’s not happening – so I invited my sister and bf and they are so excited.  Glad I didn’t go just me and NF tonight… the more in the car the better!

After watching the whole 1st season of Orange is the New Black, we’re reading the memoir for book club.  It’s really good so far.  I recommend it.

And our book club… it’s going great!  I love it.  We’re on our 2nd book.

Anyone else excited for Daphne on The Chew to have her baby?

Real Housewives of NYC sneak peak for season 6 came out and OMG… you have to watch!

I guess that’s all.