What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

Today is Wednesday and THIS is what I’m loving…

NF: He can say “Happy Birthday!”  Today was Elvis’s birthday and he celebrated all day at “A”‘s house (the woman who watches him while I am at work).  She loves Elvis!  Oh and he ATE a chicken nugget today… for those who don’t know… that’s a big deal.

gray ugg boots
My new tall gray Ugg boots: These are amazing.  I’ve had tall light tan ones for like 6 years and they are BEAT UP!  Having new Ugg boots is just like… incredible.  Love love love them!

Gift cards: I received quite a few gift cards for Christmas and I LOVE them.  Spa, Target, Starbucks, Wegmans, Nail place, The Cheesecake Factory… I am so excited to be using them all!!

TV shows are back: after a long break all the TV shows are back on with new episodes!

So What Wednesday



It’s Wednesday and I’m saying SO WHAT if…

  • I had to read two recaps on other blogs to understand what the heck happened in the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars.  That show is just getting to be too much (haven’t I been saying that since like season 3?)
  • I’ve had a sinus infection for over a week now and I am just waiting for it to go away and refuse to go to the doctor… oh and I’ve lost my voice.
  • I sort of like how my voice sounds when I’ve lost it.
  • It took me about three times hearing Lorde’s new song Team before I decided I liked it.  and I just looked up the lyrics and they repeat “send the call out” but I sang it in the car as, “they call Alison”…because that’s just what I think it sounds like.
  • C got NF to eat a chicken nugget today and proclaimed he’s the best dad in the world… and for getting him to eat meat I had to agree.
  • It is January 8th and I finally took down all the Christmas decorations.  I wasn’t even planning on doing it today… I just got in one of those neurotic moods and there was nothing I could do until it was DONE.
  • I can’t stand seeing teachers I know on FB constantly writing about snow days.  If you’re not a teacher or a student snow days don’t exist.
  •  I want another baby so NF has a sibling/friend.  I am SO grateful to have a sister/friend – so I think NF should have one too.  But I don’t think my parents specifically had my sister just for me (I’m the oldest)… so I think it’s a little weird I want to have a child just for NF to play with?  Or does that all change after they are born?  Parents with two children please explain this to me?  Or am I totally off and crazy?
  • I love my gray Ugg boots MORE than my light tan ones.  And so what if maybe I’m too old for Ugg boots… they are like walking on warm clouds… I will say it a million times, totally worth the $.
  • Working out makes my life so much better – I think it keeps me just barely sane.