Flash Back Friday



Going on the opposite theme of snow storm Hercules… I am bringing back a cropped group photo of our 2012 Summer co-ed softball championship winning team sponsored by Russian Standard Vodka.  That’s me and C when NF was 10 months old.  I played left field mostly that Summer and had two mean catches… the rest of the time in the outfield I was staring at who ever was watching NF or thinking about whoever was watching NF at home while hoping the ball never came near me.  As for hits – usually grounders right to first, just hard enough to move people on bases but not hard enough to not get out at first.  Perfect, that way I moved people, but I don’t have to run the bases and fear for my life that a ball will line drive me in the face, ear, neck, anywhere basically.  I’ve seen it happen, and I know one day if I play enough it’ll happen to me… it’s statistics not irrational.  I actually wish it was normal to wear helmets in softball… but it’s not.  If you ever see someone wearing one you can basically assume they’ve been severely hit and are serious players.  I am not good enough to pull of wearing a helmet or face mask.  I am pretty certain people would say or think, if that girl is that afraid of getting hit why is she even playing at all.  Good question.  I desperately wish my dad made me play softball growing up.  I played soccer and lacrosse.  I was okay at both, better at lacrosse and stuck with that until I was a senior in high school and apparently too cool to do anything with my time.  MAYBE if I played softball growing up – I’d have a skill I could use as an adult.  So remember that parents… softball is a skill you can use as an adult.  Like golf.  But possibly less expensive.  I also don’t know how to golf.  Have I gone on enough?  Flash back Friday folks!

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