Flash Back Friday


NF’s first Christmas, December 2011.  He was about 1 1/2 months old here.  Christmas was such a blur for me.  Our tree was given to us by my old neighbor (with the lights and garland) I had like 3 ornaments, two NY Giants ones and one that said baby’s first Christmas I got at the baby shower.  My sister had made me the Swedish stockings (we’re Swedish oh and C’s Italian… and NF doesn’t look at all Scandinavian).  C’s aunt got NF the Christmas outfit.  I remember the week before NF was born I was like, I better Christmas shop now and get it all done before he’s born… but he was born early and that never happened… I also never expected a baby to be so much work!  I hadn’t even really held a baby before having one of my own!  I assumed I could like read about it just like I did about pregnancy while I was pregnant… well you’re so tired and busy aint no body got time for that.  These photos seem like forever ago!  We made it NF!  To your 3rd Christmas (with the help of many many people that love you)!

nfchristmas nfchristmas1 nfchristmas2 nfchristmas3 nfchristmas4 nfchristmas5 nfchristmas6