Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom….  She’s been doing give-aways like crazzzyy and I want ALL of them… unfortunately it seems like so do a ton of other people and I have a very slim chance of ever winning… but that doesn’t stop me from trying!!

The 2nd part of the winter season finale of Scandal is on tonight and I CAN’T WAITTTTTT!!!  AHH last weeks episode was SO good it could have ended there!  BUT NO!  There is another one!!!
Nashville’s winter season finale was last night… and I gotta say I am soo losing interest in the show.  Nothing crazy happened until the last minute and a half and it didn’t shock me.  Ohhh Nashville… I had high hopes for you but you’re fading.
He needs a hair cut… but sometimes it looks good… like Harry Styles good.. like you’re thinking does that look good?  I can’t tell but I think it does??  I’m thinking he needs a hair cut before he sees Santa Sunday?
This is how NF leaves his “hubby” (hubby means horsey but yes I know this is a giraffe) when he’s done with him… why?  It’s so awkward.
I made NF a book on called The People You Knew When You Were Two.  I originally wanted it to be for his 2nd birthday.  I am so glad I waited because I received a coupon code in the mail – then I found a coupon code online and I was freaking out because the book I wanted to have made was up to like $63… BUT with the coupon codes it came to like $21?!!  WhAT!  No way.  I was so excited I had two mugs made!  Bad part… I just realized the shipping says it’ll come by Dec 20th – 24th… that MIGHT not be in time!!!!

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