So What Wednesday


it is SO WHAT Wednesday and today I am saying SO WHAT IF…

  • We haven’t decorated for Christmas… AT ALL
  • I let NF play t-ball in the apartment… and usually have to take the bat away after about 15 minutes
  • every Thankgiving I end up with at least one more pie dish… I think I have 5 right now?
  • I did a little bit of shopping for myself during black Friday and cyber Monday…
  • NF needs a hair cut but I am just waiting it out (like I usually do) for the next event (Christmas)…
  • NF says coffee…. no he doesn’t drink it… but he says coffee… even before saying milk or juice or water…. all things he does drink
  • I’m hoping to win a 55″ flat screen TV!  Guess what… I don’t even HAVE a flat screen tv… yeah… that’s right… all my tvs are cube boxes!  uhh, so what!
  • I put Vaseline on my face and thought it was my own secret to a soft moisturized face… then I googled it and turns out Tyra Banks tells people to do it all the time

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

This week I’m loving…


My boys: Oh I’m always loving my boys!  Jeopardy and some t-ball are pretty common on week nights.  Some new words NF has said lately, bubble, and coffee.  He also knows just about all his letters except X, Y, Z and still calls W cereal.  Proud MOM!


The Gem Collection 2013 from Julep: I am LOVING that I broke down and got this for myself on Black Friday… for $49 AND got to pick another polish for $1 and I think since it was a $50 purchase it was free shipping… that’s like $3.29 a nail polish and I LOVE THEM ALL!!  I’m also loving that the price is back up to $84… so I’m thinking I MIGHT have gotten it at it’s ultimate low price?  I feels like when you wait to buy gas when it drops and get it RIGHT before it jumps back up… but you just never really know.


Scandal half season finale is on tomorrow: having a week off from Scandal has been killing me!!!  SO glad it’s on tomorrow night… but then it’s on a break until coming back ?  I just tried to look it up and gave up.  Hopefully it’s not TOO long.  Like Pretty Little Liars, it’s just been TOO long of a break for that show!


A Flight Before Christmas: We just happened to be watching CBS on Saturday and this movie came on (sometime after that AMAZING Auburn Alabama game).  NF wasn’t interested in it… but I WAS.  Just read this discription from TV Guide… “A young reindeer who’s never met his father and suffers from vertigo wants to follow in his hoofprints and become a part of Santa’s high-flying team, so he takes lessons from a member of a Finnish family of aerialist squirrels. Features the voice talent of Norm Macdonald and Emma Roberts.”  SPOILER ALERT… he finds Santa’s Reindeer and awkwardly asks are any of you my dad?  One of you took my mom out one time, her name is Oona?  All the Reindeer deny it.  Soon Prancer admits that yeah I think I’m your dad.  So the young reindeer is like great so you can come back with me to be my dad with my mom and we’ll be a family!  And Prancer is like, no.  So the young reindeer comes back home and tells the aerialist squirrel he’s his dad.  It was SO new age and surprising for a children’s holiday movie I could NOT stop watching to find out what happens.  Meanwhile NF had zero interest in watching it.


Eggnog Latte coffee-mate: This was on sale at Target this weekend for like $2.29 (is that a good price?) I never buy flavored coffee creamer… but when I do have it in my coffee I SLAM it.  so I got this Saturday…. and it’s Wednesday… and it’s almost gone.  I love it… and it puts me in the Christmas mood.


Christmas goldfish: sometimes the same old fish shape gets boring… so why not add trees and boots (or are they stockings?) NF enjoyed them also!  (yeah he needs a hair cut I’m just timing it so it’s fresh for Christmas).