A few thoughts about the AMAs…

Well the American Music Awards were on last night and I have some comments…  and they are in no particular order.

#1 – Miley’s outfit was disappointing.


… but then she did this at the very end… and no one saw it because they were watching the patriots broncos game.

Miley Cyrus

#2 – When Nelly sang Ride Wit Me I felt 14 again!!


#3 – Zendaya had ridiculously long hair (extensions)


#4 – Ke$ha is sooo catchy… but is anyone else over pitbull??? Every time he yells Dale!!  I say what?  Dolly?  Bali like dance?  Dale?  What?  I finally just looked up the meaning… trust me it’s more fun when it was a mystery.


#5 – Rihanna wore 3 diamond bobby pins


#6 – Anything R Kelly is weird… but you can’t look away


#7 – I want Lady Gaga’s horse…


#8 – Taylor Swift makes me STOP eating whatever snack is in my hand when she comes on TV… I think you know why… thinspiration!


#9 – Kendall Jenner presented an award… all I could think about was season 1 of the Kardashians


#10 – I never heard this Say Something Christina Aguilera song but I liked it!


#11 – the hottness that is Jlo will never die


#12 – What is the attraction to Harry Styles?  Anyone?  Can anyone explain this to me?


That’s all I’ve got to say for now… I’m sure I could go on forever though…

2 thoughts on “A few thoughts about the AMAs…

  1. I was passed out cold last night after a long day but I was surprised to see no mention of the AMAs in my FB newsfeed- until I realized everyone had watched and we’re not pouting about the Broncos, hahaha. Can I just say I’m glad at least Miley’s eyebrows made an appearance!

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