What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I’m doing What I’m Loving Wednesday!

NF: OHHH I love this little boy SOOO much.  Notice I said BOY because GUESS WHATTTTTTTTTT!?  Okay, I’ll tell you the whole story.  NF was in the tub and he farted (tmi?  moms probably wouldn’t think so) and I said, “do you need to go poo poo?” and he said, “potty potty” (it sounds more like “body body” but I know what he means) and he pointed to the potty.  SO, I put him on the big toilet, with the little seat attachment.  I said pushh pushhh and we laughed and pretended to push – and then he REALLY pushed and he went!!!  WHATT!!  What a great surprise!  We cheered and we clapped!!  We picked out a sticker and put it on the calender.  We were both over joyed!


Scandal: I am totally caught up on scandal… I know crazy… I watched them so fast… it was just THAT good.  SO, I can’t wait to watch the next episode Thursday!!


Bill Engvall: Okay, so I think I was with the rest of the world thinking WTF?  When Bill wasn’t off DWTS after at least like week 4… but then 5… then 6… then 7… then 8… then 9… WHHHAT!!  But now that Monday was week 10 and he’s STILL THERE… I’m FINALLY on board… if Bill wins the whole show… what does that mean for the show?  I feel like if ABC does NOT want Bill to win they won’t let it happen (maybe I’ve been watching too much Scandal but I feel like everything can be “handled” and everything can be rigged).  So I might be voting for him next week… just because I want to see this all blow up. (watch the second I’m on board with voting for him is the second he’s gone, it’s just the way it goes).


Our Children’s Hospitals: The children’s hospital we go to is beautiful inside and out… and I have to mention incredibly friendly.  Whenever we go there, yes, we have to go up the elevator, down hall ways, down elevators, a right and a left and a another elevator etc… but everyone we meet is so ridiculously nice.  And the architecture and art wow – it’s just so refreshing!  NF has to go to the hospital now and then for certain check ups and he had surgery at this hospital when he was a day old… so glad we have such a great children’s hospital so close to us.


BLT: I had one today… and a good ol BLT on whole wheat just hit the SPOT!  So I’m loving BLTs this Wednesday!

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