Birchbox November 2013 Review


November 2013 Birchbox

It’s NOVEMBER!!  And my birchbox came.


I did not peak this month so everything I received was a total surprise.


This isn’t the entire box.  I did get a chocolate covered pretzel… but when I went to go photograph the box contents the pretzel was NO WHERE to be found???  I KNOW I didn’t eat it.  We’ve got a chocolate covered pretzel thief on the lose… it’s the only explanation… or I lost it?


Aloxxi ColourCare Volumizing and Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner:  I know this it technically two items – but it’s really like one.  I do like getting travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner for traveling… but I hardly travel… but ya know if I ever did.  I like these!  Volume, strength, and color protection are things I like.  — when they say color protection do they mean like color dye?  because I haven’t colored my hair in like 6 years – this my totally natural hair color.  But if it protects my natural color from fading or dullness I like that.


Chella Highlighter Pencil: THIS I am very interested in.  “This pencil conceals, brightens, contours, shapes, lines, and defines… working 10 different ways to help you highlight your natural beauty.”  Sounds good to me!



color club


Color Club Harlem Lights Collection: The color I got is called Baldwin Blues… LOVE IT!  I really liked the gold, Apollo Star, but I am just as happy with the Baldwin Blues.  Those were my two fav from the collection so I’m glad I got one!  Can’t go wrong with a nail polish!



Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzel Flavors – 5 Pack: The sample i received and now can’t find was TINY.  Like a bite size of one of these.  I can’t really tell what size they actually are.  I mean, chocolate covered pretzels – I’ll always like them… $35 for a 5 pack?  I’m not sold.  The flavors sound amazing though, two sprinkles (eh), smooth mint (mmm), toffee crunch (yes yes please!), and toasted coconut (fannncyyy!!).   I’d say these would be fun stocking suffers but for $.