My favorites things of Oprah’s favorite things…

Even though Oprah isn’t on everyday like she used to be – and I loved her and I loved her at Christmas… she still has her own network and magazine and website etc etc so she still has her Oprah’s favorite things list… and her 2013 list has come out and here are my favorite things from the list!!  And you can use OPRAH as a promo code for most (or all?) of these and get $ off.

#1 – Sweater Mugs … umm how adorable?  a set of 6 is $49.99 (let’s do the math… that’s $8.33 a mug… that’s not bad).  I wouldn’t want to separate the sweaters, but maybe it could be a group gift and fill each one with goodies for a bunch of family members!  Like teas and hot chocolate packages!  I’d love that.

#2 Purse Mirrors… these are pretty cool… considering I use the back half of a old loreal true match make up powder thing.  I’d love one of these with a big A on it.

Umm basically everything else was either something I wasn’t interested in or it was very expensive… and/or had truffles… like what’s Oprah’s deal with truffles?

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