Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You were SO excited to see snow this morning!!  “Moeee, it’s Moeee!!!” and when we got in the car you said, “Buh bye moe.”  You also turned on the dish washer this morning (not on purpose) and it scared the heck out of you – you sprinted out of the kitchen in shock, you couldn’t get away from that thing any faster!  Sunday is your big birthday party!!  Hope you’re ready for pizza and cookie monster!!!

Dear Snow,  you were a total surprise this morning.  BUT I did bust out my coach boots for the first time, and I loved that.

snow = coachbootstheona

Dear Smellen, ohh my dear sister… I can’t tell you how many times how happy I am that you live 20 minutes away instead of 5 hours… BUT maybe it’d be nice if you lived even closer???  I hate driving on rural-y roads in the dark and it gets dark at like 5:30 now.

Dear Janman, similar to my sister’s letter… I’d also appreciate it if you moved closer to me also.  You’re like 75 minutes away and that just won’t do anymore.  So excited you’re coming a day early for NF’s bday party!!!

Dear C, okay so you’re too tired to do anything fun with me today because you did too much fun stuff last Friday and this Monday and Thursday (without me)… and let’s face it that date we “planned” to have tonight was never going to actually happen.  I have way too much stuff to do to even enjoy doing something besides getting that stuff done (doesn’t that sentence make sense but no sense at all?)… soooo rain-check to next week totally works, and I’m not mad.  And everyone knows the only reason I would agree to see Thor is that I like Natalie Portman, Thor is nice to look at, and I have free movie tickets.

Dear Scandal, I am totally on my way to watching all the episodes up to date!  Olivia Pope!!

Dear Leah Remini’s Book, where are you?  Did you come out?  Leah, you left Scientology and I need to know all about it before I don’t care anymore!

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