So What Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and I’m saying SO WHAT if…

  • NF calls me “mum”… we always called me “mama” and “mommy” – but he picked “mum”
  • When we went trick or treating people would ask me, “does he like kit kats?”  Hell yes he does… and by he I mean me… because who really lets a 24 month old eat a giant pile of chocolate candy??  We have to help him, and by help him I mean eat 90% of it


  • my idea of a fun morning is starbucks and target
  • I ended up spending a lot more time the on cookie monster crafts for NF’s birthday party than I ever expected- who knew cutting out 65 mouths and eyes would take FOR-EV-ER
  • NF’s birthday party was supposed to be smaller than last year…. annnnd it’s like 50 people instead of 60… not really that much different
  • I can never have too many scarves
  • I made 75 egg rolls… and that was just WAY too many and ended up freezing like 50 of them