Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t believe you’re 2.  I just can’t.  You’re the best!  But, I’d like to know why you had a panic attack freak out when we lit your 2 candles on your cupcake and started to sing.  Was it the candles?  Was it that you wanted the cupcake so bad and we set it on fire and you thought you weren’t going to get it?  You’ve seen this birthday ritual before… so what’s the deal?  Do we need to practice before your giant party?  Or will that traumatize you even more?  What do I do!!?

birthday boy

post crying break down


opening presents is better than blowing out candles

Dear Christmas Shopping, I’ve been thinking about you since September…. and I’ve already started… is this smart?  because I find deals and do it all gradually… or is it not smart because I end up buying everyone more and the items are random without any theme?

Dear El-Wee, was really hoping we could get NF’s party favors doneee.

Dear Chinese cooking classes, I’ve made a few things I’ve learned… but I’ll be making egg rolls for a crowd Sunday… let’s hope they come out perfect!

Dear Halloween candy, WOW, let’s hope you last!


the 2 year olds haul