Thursday Thoughts

So I wasn’t going to dress up for Halloween at all… but my friend invited me to a party and said she wanted to be red coat from PLL… and I said I wanted to be Mona… and… I’m doin it!
I had a 25% off coupon code for American Eagle and there’s free shipping… I got this for $20 which isn’t that bad… and I’ll probably wear it all the time.  AND I can be Mona in it.  I just have to make a Radley ID badge and some black gloves.
Now I just wish season 4 would start up again!  Oct 22nd!
Is anyone still watching Nashville?  I am… and my favorite part… when the two girls sing.  I love it!  But sadly… I’m tired of Rayna’s story line and her “losing her voice”.  And I hate the lady who is pretending to be pregnant (Nashville is really good at making you like or hate characters and then change it up on you… like Avery is growing on me, and I would never think that from the beginning of season 1).
What is everyone thinking of all the new Fall TV?  Loving anything?  Hating anything?

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. OMG Mona is the perfect PLL Halloween costume. Who is your friend being? Someone from the show? I gave up on Nashville about halfway through the first season it was just annoying me. I’m loving the new shows. I’ve picked up Sleepy Hollow, Tomorrow People, The Originals and SHIELD so far. LOL still a couple more on my Tivo that I haven’t tried yet but overall a good new tv season.
    Stopping by from the link up – Jenny

    • My friend will be Red Coat – basically Alison Dilaurentis, if that’s who Red Coat really is. I haven’t watched Sleepy Hollow, or any of the tv shows you listed! Weird because I feel like I’m watching so many new shows!

  2. I love that hoody! And I haven’t even had time to watch fall TV with all this baseball that’s been on. I have a lot of catching up to do!

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