So What Wednesday


-if I’m not married. Though it would be nice if I could easily say, “Sorry I’m married” when I’m awkwardly asked out.  Maybe if I had a ring they wouldnt ask in the first place?  I should see it as flattering, but it’s totally unwanted.

if I keep up with celeb gossip.  SO WHAT.  It’s harmless and doesn’t make me stupid.

-if I am about to quit candy crush because I can’t beat a level for like a week… I might just finally be over it.

-if I’m considering joining a pitch league or something to keep me busy in the winter time.  Bowling would be more realistic… but why not pitch?  Can’t I round up some home bodies lookin for a reason to get out and play a safe game of pitch once a week?  And so what if I sound like an 80 year old.

-if I am making crafts for NF’s birthday…. and I’ll play a slide show of pictures of him of the past year, and mini clips of Cookie Monster on the big screen tv… if there are complaints to put on football, I will no joke drop kick you out of that party room and into the bar and ban you from coming back in.

-if I cry.  I can cry if I want to.  I can cry during the movie Rocky.  I can cry because I broke my glasses.  I can cry because I’m tired.  So what.  Let a girl cry.

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