So What Wednesday

it’s so what Wednesday and SO WHAT if…

-I did laundry last night and all my clothes came out with tiny tissue pieces on them… and I think ONE DAY I will have my own washer and drier and I’ll know that tissue came from ME not some random person ugh.  I also won’t be obsessed with quarters anymore.


-the beginning of Mindy Project last night was about break ups and she was playing Les Miserables – I dreamed a dream and I freaked out!  Totally my sad over boys go to song!!!  Mindy JUST gets me.

-I dialed the wrong number and voted for Corbin Bleu on DWTS… NOOO I meant to vote for Leah Remini!  How could this happen!!  and who is Corbin anyway?  I’m too old for high school musical… so I’m guessing so is the rest of the people watching DWTS.

-NF’s socks totally mismatch his clothes… why make funky socks if they match nothing?  I’ll save the plain ones for special-er occasions.

-I’m on season 5 episode 9 of Breaking Bad… and I’m scared someone’s going to ruin the end for me.

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