So what Wednesday…

Today I am saying So What If….

– the combination of the weather changing and gaining a few lbs over labor day weekend caused me to try on at least 5 different outfits this morning because everything felt uncomfortable.

– I bought two more pairs of crop black yoga pants… and now I own 7 pairs (one for everyday of the week!)

– every time I go to the mall I look at sports bras wanting more… and then see the price and say DANGGG (I never say dang?) $30 for a dri fit nike sports bra… and I already own like 7 of these things… I spent like $200 on sports bras?!  WHAT…. and I walk away… knowing i will do the same thing a few weeks later when I return.

 <— simply the best… for a price.

– I 100% am boycotting Miley.  Her song comes on, her song goes OFF.  I turn that ish off asap.  Because 1, I am so sick of it.  2, I imagine her at the vmas and I throw up.  Miley, you’re done.

(I will not even post a photo of it, because yeah, we’ve all seen it way too much).

– I can’t freakin WAIT for Big Brother to be on tonight… Mccranda will finally endddd!!!  Ahhhhh Mccrandaaaa.

– I am going through Pretty Little Liar withdrawals already?

– I stopped reading at night because Candy Crush has taken over my reading time at night.

candy crush

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