Friday iPhone (except not) dump

I by NO means have an iPhone.  I have a really old phone and I do occasionally take photos with it.  These are the four I took this week…


1. This is my niece… and she’ll tell you, “I love fashion.”  She wore this to softball Monday… yeah those are up to the knee converse chuck taylors with rainbow laces…. hot pink leggings… and a t-shirt that says, “you should see me dance”.  She owns it.

2. Sunday I made orange chicken in the crock pot.  I found a recipe on pinterest.  IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE that has been fooled by the same recipe?????  I put chicken breast, ginger, garlic, a carrot, green pepper, and a can of orange juice concentrate…. and let it on low for 6 hrs.  It was not edible.  Did I do something wrong or did this recipe seem way too good to be true.  It was horrible.

3.  Instead of the kids salon with cartoons, and music, and a toy at the end…. I went to a random hair salon I walked by with NF instead.  She didn’t have a kids seat with a strap… she seemed pretty nervous about cutting a toddler’s hair (they are wild cards ya know)… but it turned out great and it cost $9 compared to $20 at the kids salon.  AND I think this hair cut is much better than the other ones he’s had.   but she didn’t use a cape on him and he was covered in hair, so we immediately ran home for him to take a bath.

4. This is parenting… napping while your toddler sits on top of you eating a bowl of plain cheerios.

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