What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: I’m loving NF because he’s adorable.  This morning at M’s (The lady who watches NF)  I let him take a handful of puffs and he immediately squated down and feed them to the mini three dogs (two toy poodles and a black shih tzu, Gabriella, Bioncia, and Nino).  We tell him, no no the puffs are your food, not dog food… he has a melt down.  We give him a few pieces of dog food to feed to the dogs – and what does he do?  Immediately pops them all into his mouth.  No nooo, that’s dog food not your food!!  Another melt down.  Oh boy, what is the deal with dog food!?  You’re a wild one NF.



Gia’s pink hoodie friends: Why were Gia’s friends all wearing pink hoodies… reminds me of mean girls, “on Wednesdays we wear pink.”  Well, I loved it.


The Heat: I saw this on Friday… and there was ONE part that I laughed so hard I cried – and for about 4 mintues.  I missed some of the story line because of this part.

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