Birchbox August 2013 Review

This month’s Birchbox box was all about finishing school… I never really get the connection to the themes with the items in the box…


(Again my camera is broken, so I am using my camera phone from 2009)

number 4 super comb prep and protect

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect – This spray stengthens, repairs, protects, detangles… it’s great… except I don’t really like the smell.  Yup, I just sprayed it again… and yeah the smell isn’t something I wanna smell like.  It smells chemically and perfumey.  I WISH I liked the smell because it does so many great things.

dr jart bb cream

Dr.Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45+ – This sample is tiny .17 fl oz but at least it’s not in a packet.  I this the tiny little tube is cute!  I love bb cream… I just didn’t like the shade of this one.  I wanted it to be more brown or goldish.  It has great reviews on birchbox though.

party proof lipstick

ModelCo Party Proof Matte Lip Stick – A full size lip stick!  Sure!  And it’s not in a ridic color, great (I got “Kitty”)!  I don’t ever wear lip stick… but this is just fun to own!

freshfeet wipes

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes – They sell these by the canister.  If I like them… then I might keep a canister in my gym locker.  That sounds perfect!!!  My sister, Smellen, has smelly feet from her smelly flats (Hi!) – she’d probably like these too!  Keep them under her desk at work, and when no ones looking quick wipe her smelly feet.

super slip sudsy shampoo

Miss Jessie’s Original Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo – This will be fun to try!

Julep Golden Mystery (Version 3)

I decided to try the Julep Golden Mystery box after reading about it on Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  I used a coupon code and got 30% off – they charged me $24.98…. I think it was worth it for all the fun things I got!

My camera broke, and I am sending it in to Samsung… so for now these are taken on my awful camera phone.  It sucks I know… but I am too anxious to put this up!

Here’s the first look at the box…


belina hair ties

Belina hair ties ($9) – I love these and I’ve never bought them for myself (I’ve always gotten them from subscription boxes)


Dolles Salt Water Taffy ($1?) – Strawberry, Chocolate, and Lime.  These were a fun touch to the box… I ate them immediately after taking this photo.

oxygen nail treatment

Oxygen Nail Treatment ($18) – Love this!  I am so excited to try it.  I’ve been giving myself mani pedis now for a long time and can’t wait to add this to my routine.


Julep Everyday SPF Hand Cream ($13) – I was really happy to get this!  SPF for hands?  but why?  BUT WHY NOT!?!  This tube is 3 fl oz and in the sub box world… that’s huge.  I used this and yeah it was a little greasy, and it said it wouldn’t be… but I’ll just use less next time I apply it.  The smell is like, nothing, but something, like lotion with spf in it.  So I guess not bad, but no surprise, and not that fun.  But not everything needs to be scented, right?  Right.

 (((totally side note…. I’ve been spelling surprise “suprise” for…forever… and I am PRETTY sure I’ve been saying it “sup-rise” … after doing a spell check… I caught this… and my mind is blown.)))

nail polish


Sheryl – this was my fav out of the 4.  Sheer butterscotch shimmer with a hint of golden bronze.


Drew – this has to be a nail polish staple.  A fuchsia pink… love it and I don’t have a color just like it either!


 Layne – a french mani staple!  a sheer french pink.


Bunny – I’m not into white nail polish… and I have one from my birchbox.  BUT… this one has a little gold shimmer in it so that makes it more fun.  I would have rather gotten a different color though for sure.

Julep Golden Mystery Box SAID that I’d get $100 – $200 worth of stuff in this box….. I paid $24 for the box… and the total worth of the box that I came up with is about $80 and I’m happy with what I got for what I paid… I just don’t know why they would say $100 – $200.