Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, your professional photos came out amazing.  You really are like abnormally adorable (this is a mother’s opinion).

(Is it normal for moms to think their child will be famous?  Like, I can just see myself telling TV people now, “I just knew he was a performer since before he was 2, always dancing.” = the next Maksim Chmerkovskiy = I am a crazy person).

Dear Smellen, meanwhile, hanging out with you is probably preferable… you like to do the same things I do.  We can agree on a salad for dinner, and the same movies.

Dear TMD, I’m loving our evening stroller walks – averaging at 4 miles around the neighborhood… great way to end a night…. exceptttt last Wednesday we got ice cream, and last night we didn’t walk I just made brownies…. come on girl – with all your cross fit we can’t waste it on brownies and ice cream!!!  We had our fun, now back to being good.

Dear Big Brother 15, typically how long do you go on for?  I feel like I’ve been watching you for forever, and we’re like half way through the houseguests??

Dear those who celebrate Ramadan, you did it my friends!  The month is over and now you can eat and eat during daylight!