I’m Totally Trying July Edition Results

totally trying it july

My Totally Trying it July Edition Results.  You can view my original post here.

1. Watch This is 40 – Jen from http://www.ramblingsofasuburbanmom.com/ recommends it so it’s gotta be good.

Well…. I never did this.  Totally trying it total fail.  I know, what’s the point of having a totally trying it when you’re not going to do it?  Sorry, sorry… some day I will view this movie.

2. Try a new cocktail – It will be my mission to try a new cocktail this month and I’ll report back to you what it was and how much I liked/hated it.

popsugarmarg2 popsugarmarg

I tried my Popsugar box The Modern Cocktail Modern Margarita Set from my Popsugar may box.  We made them while vacationing in Vermont… it was a fun afternoon during NF’s nap time!

3. Read Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan – I loved Jim Gaffigan’s stand ups on Netflix soooo I’d probably love this book too.

I’ve read exactly 79% of this book on my kindle… so I can report on it so far.  It’s good.  It’s funny.  It’s all about kids.  It’s chapter after chapter of jokes about having 5 kids and living in a two bedroom appartment in NYC… to be honest though, it might have been easier for me to just actually watch a 90 minute stand up than read this book.  I did relate to the book because I do have a small child, but I didn’t totally relate because it’s from a dad’s perspective.

4. Cook with shrimp – I didn’t do it in June… soooo I better do it in July?

BOOO I lose.  I did not cook with shrimp in June OR July.  SO I left it off my I’m totally trying it August Edition.  My problem is… I never picked out a recipe… and then when I’m at the grocery store I go to look to buy shrimp and I am like WTF THAT’S WHAT SHRIMP COSTS?!  And then I walk away.  Every time it shocks me how much shrimp costs.  I can buy 12 hot italian sausages for $8 and that can feed us 3 meals (well C would perfer it feeds us 2 meals but I stretch)…. I’m not spending $18 or something on some shrimp I dont even know is going to taste good.  I can go to Olive Garden and get an $18 meal with shrimp in it and I KNOW it’ll taste good.  and who am I kidding if I ever did get the chance to go out to eat, sorry Olive Garden, but it wouldn’t be you… it would be another fancy Italian Restuarant I dream of going to.  Sorry shrimp (and Olive Garden for the shout out then immediate dis)… maybe another month.


what my face looks like as I walk by the shrimp at the grocery store…

5. Give to a new charity – I’m excited to do some research and find something

Ugh, well… I gave $5 to the Ronald McDonald House for a 50/50 raffle… and I was really dissapointed that I didn’t win.  This was probably another fail.  Giving to a charity in hopes of winning money back isn’t really the reason to give to charity.  Get it together AL!

5. The Goodies Company Subscription Box – I’m going to try a new subscription box!

Ohh yes mam I did this and you can read my review here.  I’m liking this subscription box!  $7 (that includes shipping) for a box of random food snacks!  Okay, I’m down with that!

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