Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You are the sweetest boy.  However, I haven’t done one thing without you with me (besides work) since 14 days ago.  Playing softball with you there doesn’t count either…. because I still brought you there, and I am still basically watching someone else watch you from the outfield and not paying attention to the game.  Anyway, mommy’s getting a much needed and 100% deserved break tonight… and then it’s back being me and you since daddy has a 2 day softball tournament this weekend.  Softball will be over eventually I promise… and then we can be a sort of normal family again.  You really are going to grow up on a softball field… other kids know camps or swimming pools during the summer… you’ll know how to keep a book, the prices at the snack shack and retrieving foul balls.

Dear Smellen, Can’t WAIT for tonight!  And Sunday should be fun too!

Dear Big Brother 15, thank you for giving me something to do 3 nights a week.

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